Our Jelly Beans day starts with free-play and breakfast with the Jelly tots in their room for those who need it. When breakfast is finished we go in to our room next door ready to start our day. We share a role play room with the Jelly Tots where we have chance to play in different scenarios. The older children are encouraged to think about letter sounds, rhyming and number work. The grown-ups encourage independence and a fun for learning, which is through play.

Our outside play encourages us to exploring our environment through using a variety of equipment e.g. slides, mud kitchen, bikes, trikes, scooters, balls, as well as singing and dancing. We have a growing garden, where we help to sow the seeds for our vegetables, pick the vegetables so we can use them in our nursery dinners

We have a snack mid morning and have a variety of fresh fruit and milk. We are able to go to the toilet when needed and the grown-ups encourage us to be as independent as possible doing things for ourselves. We all sit down at 11.30 am to have our lunch. The grown-ups are able to cater for our different dietary requirements and encourage us to serve ourselves to a wide variety of foods and encourage us with our knife and fork skills. After our lunch we have quiet time, where we sit and play games and puzzles. After which we have a refreshing drink of milk or water before the start of our afternoon.

The afternoon sessions are on a similar basis as the morning, we sometimes stay in our room and occasionally join together with the Jelly Tots. We have afternoon tea at 3.30pm after which we are able to have free play inside or in the garden until we are collected by our parents or family member.