We endeavour to provide an environment free from prejudice and discrimination, where children, regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds, colour or gender, can develop freely in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Sessions are structured and planned around suitable topics to encourage children to learn through self-motivated and supervised play activities. Consideration of each child’s level of ability and understanding is incorporated within the framework to provide pre-school skills and concepts required for a strong educational foundation. Children are accepted for a minimum of two sessions but it is recommended that as they get older, attendance should be increased to gain maximum educational benefit.

We work within the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) under the guidance laid down by Ofsted. The EYFS is a nationally recognised system that allows children to develop in all the prime areas to assist their learning and development. To assist with this process we have been able to use a nationally respected computer system, which complies with all regulations. This system allows the practitioners to communicate with parents through e mail on a daily basis (day sheets) to discuss the child’s needs wherever the parent/carer may be in the world. Using this system the staff are able to share observations with parents/carers and work together to plan appropriately for the children’s individual needs.