We have a large outdoor area which is split into 2 gardens, one for the Jelly Beans and Jelly Tots and the other side for the Jelly Babies.


In the Jelly Babies garden we have a sand pit, mud kitchen and digging area. We also have baby walkers, cars and trikes that we can use to help with our physical skills. Hanging around the garden there are lots of sensory objects for us to explore.




In our Jelly Beans and Tots garden we have a climbing frame, a mud kitchen where we can use water from the water butt to mix with the mud/bark and make lots of lovely creations. We also have a digging area where we can happily dig. Across the other side of the garden we have a classroom area under cover. During the last few weeks some fairies have moved into our garden and we have helped them to make a beautiful area to live in.

The growing garden has been expanded and we have lots of beds where we can help to grow the vegetables. Sometimes the Jelly Beans will grow seeds inside and then transfer them to the beds. Once the vegetables are ready to eat, we will collect them and take them to the kitchen, so we can use them in our nursery meals. If we have any spares we let our parents take them home.