Jelly babies is for children under 2 years, they have 3 rooms to use during the day.

Our day starts with free-play and breakfast, which is usually cereal followed by toast. We have lots of different toys to play with which the grown-ups plan for each week. Our mummy’s and daddy’s are able to look at this on the day sheets sent or on the parent portal. As well as our toys we are encouraged to join in with lots of messy activities such as jelly, pasta, painting, colouring, sand and water. We go outside whenever possible and we all enjoy exploring our environment going on slides and seesaws etc. Sometimes we get muddy or messy so we use our nursery waterproof suits.

Our snack mid morning is a variety of fresh fruit and milk or water. If we are still on formula, we have that when we need it. We regularly have our nappies changed throughout the day as well as and when we need it. We all sit down together at 11.30am to have our lunch, Glenn will cater for us at our different stages of weaning and the grown-ups will puree or mash food if we need it.  After our lunch we have a sleep, if we are awake, we really enjoy some free play in the main room and lots of cuddles. When we are all awake we have a refreshing drink of milk or water before the start of our afternoon.

During the afternoon we have the chance to play, explore and investigate as well as more messy play. We have afternoon tea at 3.30 pm, where we have lots of finger foods, which help with our fine motor skills.

After tea we are able to explore more toys and equipment such as treasure baskets, round duplo and musical instruments or the garden until we are collected by mummy, daddy, grandparents or another family member.