We thank you with all our hearts for a superb childcare! We only have one comparison, which left a very unhappy little girl, but in your care she was very happy from day 1 and thrived to become a lively and happy girl. She always loved all the activities provided in your setting, and is often talking about Glenn's delicious homemade  food!


Thank you for being there for us as parents too with your hints, tips and educational updates of our daughter through the day sheets and regular reports we got sent. We always enjoyed reading them and were -still are - very grateful of being so informed about our little one's progressions in her life so far.


You made it easy for mummy and daddy to go to work and leave a happy child in your care. What more can one wish for!

Anja and Andreas
"Both my girls have gained so much coming to your Nursery, I think the staff are fantastic, the management are approachable  and I love all the activities you do with them" 

'As a parent, it can be a difficult decision trying to find a suitable nursery for your child. After the first few months of our son being at Daffodils we knew we had made the right decision. Daffodil has a real family feel to it and that is the best thing about it. Staff always greet you with a smile and are exceptional at what they do which pays dividends with our son. Furthermore they use digital means to provide you with updates on what your child has done during that day as well as learning journeys which gives you information on how they are developing. Not many other nurseries offer these services.

I would highly recommend this nursery to any parents and keep up the good work Daffodils.

Kapil and Hannah