We thank you with all our hearts for a superb childcare! We only have one comparison, which left a very unhappy little girl, but in your care she was very happy from day 1 and thrived to become a lively and happy girl. She always loved all the activities provided in your setting, and is often talking about Glenn's delicious homemade  food!


Thank you for being there for us as parents too with your hints, tips and educational updates of our daughter through the day sheets and regular reports we got sent. We always enjoyed reading them and were -still are - very grateful of being so informed about our little one's progressions in her life so far.


You made it easy for mummy and daddy to go to work and leave a happy child in your care. What more can one wish for!

Anja and Andreas

Debbie has a wonderful team working at the Daffodil Nursery and our son has settled in really well with no issues at all. When visiting the nursery all the staff gave very warm welcome, it was reassuring the fact that as we were visiting out of drop off and pick up hours the front gate was locked and we had to buzz in to get into the car park, as well as into the the front door. It was apparent that the nursery is run very well with a good balance between free play as well as giving some structure to the day and as they grow. All the admin side is also well set up, after paying the deposit to secure a place we were given a welcome pack and questionnaire so they know all the specific needs; likes, dislikes, dietary requirements, allergies etc. The thing we find most useful are the daily emails we receive, that record everything that has happened that day; when they were dropped off / picked up and by who, what they had eat and how much was eaten, how long they napped for, etc... 

Our son has now been there for a few weeks and we could not be happier with the service and care we have received. Credit to all the staff

Amazing, thanks so much. It's brilliant that the newsfeed is updated live on there, how cool to be able to see what they have been up to this morning! Having spoken to friends at work, none of them have anything like this and just get given very basic paper daysheets saying whether their child has eaten their lunch. The Parental Portal is brilliant, thank you for making it happen 😊
Tara mum to 2 boys 1 year and 4 years