We believe in fresh nutritional food for all ages.

Daffodil Nursery is always striving to ensure children have a well balanced diet. We use recipes from the National Day Nursery Association, which endorses the teaching from the Caroline Walker trust.

We use a 5 weekly rolling menu, which incorporates Winter and Summer Menu’s. All meals are made fresh daily to the highest standards possible.

The winter menu provides hot fulfilling meals with hot puddings believing that full children are happy children. The tea usually consists of homemade soups,  homemade sausage rolls, bagels to name a few.

In summer we have lots of salads, cold puddings which aims to broaden the children’s pallets and hopefully make them enjoy a variety of foods. Summer afternoon tea contains a variety of dips, scones, homemade sausage rolls, pizzas and brioche. We try to involve the children in making the teas. This is finished with fresh fruit and milk or water.

On special occasions such as Birthdays or children leaving, some parents/carers will bring in a cake or party food. All we ask is that you ensure that these do not contain nuts.

Baby lunches and teas are specially prepared, so we can cater for all requirements. The baby room staff will work in close liaison with parents to ensure that the babies progress at their own pace. Food can be pureed, mashed or finely chopped for babies and special dietary requirements are met.